Autism; a chiropractic perspective

Autism: A Chiropractic Perspective

Chiropractors, as with other primary healthcare clinicians, are often faced with a child whom they suspect may have symptoms of autism, often previously undiagnosed and are highly trained to detect the health issues associated with patients with Autism. Researchers have discovered correlation in patients with Autism in that many of the patients studied were found to have a laterality of the atlas. Meaning their first cervical vertebra (Atlas) was found to be shifted from its normal and healthy position. When the Atlas is shifted from its normal position it puts abnormal pressure on the brain stem which affects every single function throughout the entire body. When communication between the brain and brainstem is altered it can have detrimental effects on the day to day bodily functions as well and the growth and healing mechanisms within the human body! There are various suggestions as to why removing upper cervical dysfunction may have a positive effect on the symptoms often associated with Autism.

Autism is a life-long developmental disability. Individuals with autism are affected in different ways, but all seem to suffer from a triad of impairments: difficulty in interacting with others, impairments in social communication and difficulty thinking imaginatively. An absence of play is often one of the first obvious signs of autism. Autism affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them, particularly with respect to understanding other people's emotional expression. Learning difficulties may further compound the difficulties that they face

Some Chiropractors, including Dr. Herndon, report symptomatic improvements in behavior following treatment, particularly upper cervical adjusting. Chiropractic is a safe and healthy alternative to drugs to help patients with Autism improve their quality of life and overall function. If you know of someone with Autism please refer them to our office so that they may experience the life changing effects that Chiropractic care can have on their wellbeing!

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