Chiropractic on "The Doctors"

I recently saw a segment on The Doctors show the other day that discussed Chiropractic Care. I was intrigued to see their take on the subject so I tuned in. I was delighted to see that Chiropractic care was being shown in such a positive light by the medical community (not always the case, for several reasons!)

I have included the segment here for you to view. I will say that this segment illustrates only one type of Chiropractic adjusting "technique" while studies have shown that there is not one technique in Chiropractic that has shown to be more successful than another, this video shows the benefots of getting the first cervical vertebre, the Atlas, adjusted. The great thing about Chiropractic care is that there are several different ways to adjust the spine, which allows Chiropractors to treat many different types of patients and cases. The most important aspect is to find a technique that works best for the patient and allows that patient to feel comfortable while under care!

Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions or are interested in seeing if Chiropractic can benefit you!

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