Dont take our word for it, see how Chiropractic care is changing the lives of our patients, all in different ways!

Kristiana has been seeing Dr. Herndon for almost a year now and definitely recommends our office to her friends.
What health issue brought you into the office?
Headaches, Back Pain. Unable to Sleep due to pain.
What other methods of relief had you previously tried before chiropractic care?
Over-the-counter medications
How has chiropractic care changed your life?
I would get a headache just about every day and now I only get one when I am tired. I no longer suffer from back pain. Before Chiropractic Care I would sleep on my stomach all the time. Now, I can sleep on my sides and stay asleep all night! I am so glad we found Generation Chiropractic!

Samantha and her family all get adjusted! Sam will be the first one to tell you how Chiropractic has benefited her and her family’s health! “The short version is that God brought Dr. Herndon to us along with the staff to bring healing to my ENTIRE family. I was seeking relief from anxiety and Charity contacted me. Every fear and doubt I had about chiropractors was quickly dissolved by Dr. Herndon and now my husband and all three of my boys go. If you're even slightly thinking about a visit, DO IT!”

 Ellien  has  been a patient in our office for a little over a year!

What health issues brought you to seek Chiropractic

I sought out chiropractic care due to the loss of use of my right shoulder and my body was in
overall pain due to arthritis.
How has Chiropractic Care changed your life?
Chiropractic care has helped me in multiple ways! Beforehand
my right foot shuffled every time I took a step, but now I can take an actual step. I absolutely dreaded having to use the stairs because the pain was so bad, but now, even though they can still
be a chore, I have found stairs I walk up without pain! Most importantly, I used to be scared
to pick up my grandchildren and now I can pick them up without the fear of dropping them, and
now have full use of my arm and shoulder without pain!

Hollie has been under Dr.
Herndon’s care for over a year
now. She says that chiropractic
care has done wonders for her!
~What health issue
brought you into the

Back pain that radiated down
into my legs.
~What other methods of
relief had you previously
tried before chiropractic

Yoga and over-the-counter
~How has chiropractic
care changed your life?

I no longer have pain radiating
into my legs, I am able to work
more, and I am taking fewer
medications. I also feel so
relaxed after every adjustment!